Recumbent Retreat


Frequently Asked Questions.

1 Do we have to camp to attend the Retreat?
No, you can stay anywhere you like or just visit for the day. However, you do need to pay a registration fee to participate in our activities.

2 Why do the camping fees seem higher than what the park charges?
To reserve many campsites in close proximity, we pay fees to register and make changes to sites. Plus we cover PayPal fees. We pay all camping fees 9 months in advance.

3 Why have the costs gone up?
They haven’t. They are the same as last year.

4 Why do we have a registration fee this year?
We decided to try to break even on the camping cost and cover other expenses with a registration fee paid by all attendees. In the past a surcharge on camping fees paid all costs.

5 Is it going to be sunny this year?
Yes, we always have sun during the event, but we also have had rain. We have put our order in for great weather, but we get what we get. Come prepared!

6 How many spaces were reserved this year?
We have generally reserve between 50 to 60 sites, depending on availability.

7 What happens if all the spaces are sold?
You can try and reserve your own site direct with the park. You can stay somewhere else and join us for all the events or you can come for the day. You just need to pay the registration fee. You may also send an e-mail to the Wagonmaster saying that you would like to be on the waiting list or that you would like to share a campsite.

8 How do you determine when the Retreat is held?
We aim for the weekend after Labor Day, depending on campsite availability when we reserve 9 months in advance.

9 Can I pick my campsite?
No, but you can tell us what type of site you like and who you want to be near. We will try to accommodate you. The earlier you and your friends sign up, the better chance you will have to get what you want.

10 Can I camp next to my friends?
If you and your friends register early, we can usually give you sites close together.

11 Who is required to pay the registration fee
All Recumbent Retreat attendees are required to register and pay a fee. The Individual Adult registration fee is $15 and the family (1 or 2 Adults with children under 18) registration fee is $25. All attendees are required to sign a waiver form at registration in the campground when you sign in.

12 When should I sign up?
The earlier you sign up the better so we can cover our costs and you can have a better selection of campsite. We may run out of sites early this year.

13 What if I want to stay more than 4 nights?
You can try to reserve a site direct with the park or you can register with the Retreat and try to extend your stay with that site when it has been assigned.

14 What services do we get at our campsites?
All the campsites are equipped with water and electricity.