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     Recumbent Retreat                               OHPV
bentbike   Registration.

There is a registration fee for the Recumbent Retreat

Single Registration = $15.00
Family Registration = $25.00
Family = 1 or 2 adults and children under 18

With Campsite

Click here to register.

If you have trouble with the link, please go to www.signmeup.com and at the top of the page, click on "Find Event" and search for "recumbent retreat"

Camping options:*
O  No camping (or you made your own arrangements)
O  Camping 4 nights; Thursday night through Sunday night $150
Camping 3 nights; Thursday night through Saturday night $125
Camping 3 nights; Friday night through Sunday night $125
Camping 2 nights; Friday night through Saturday night $90

Without Campsite / Other lodging and camping in the area.

Click here to see some of the possibilities